2019 History Bowl Competition


Saturday, April 27th, 2019

University of California Riverside (UCR) – INTS Bldg. – Room 1002

9:00am to 2:00pm


Step 1:

Register your team by clicking the link below:


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Special thanks to our sponsors and community partners: University of California – Riverside (UCR), Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., and Sigma Gamma Rho Inc.

Academic Bowl – Format

Academic Bowl Format The format for the Academic Bowl will be a round robin competition where all teams will randomly compete for total points. If there are an uneven number of teams, last year’s winning team will receive a bye or a team will be randomly drawn to move to the next round.

The lowest scoring teams of the first and second round making it to the third round and the randomly selected team will compete for the last quarterfinal spot after the first two rounds. If a tie happens after the first two rounds, those teams have a chance to move to the quarterfinals, the teams will compete in a 5-question round, between the randomly selected team and the teams who are tied. Only four teams will move to the semi-final round (third round).

Questions will progress in difficulty leveling off in the final round.

The day will begin with the 8:00 a.m. check in time.

All teams must check in and be ready to start at 9:15 a.m.

The competition will conclude at 3:00 p.m. Awards and acknowledgments will start promptly thereafter.

We will have 50 questions in the first two rounds, 55 questions in the semi-final rounds, and 60 questions in the final round. All teams will have a chance to play at least two rounds, with the exception of the randomly selected team in the case of uneven teams.

The top teams in scoring, regardless of win-loss records, will advance to the third round. In the case of a tie, the lowest scoring teams who make it to the third round will have to compete with the randomly selected team in the tie breaker round to determine which team will go to the semi-final round. The first place team will be the winner of the final round. The second place team will be the competitor in the final round. Points scored in their final rounds will determine the third and fourth place teams.

Academic Bowl – Rules

A team shall consist of a minimum of two players and a maximum of five, with one as the alternate. (Alternate will only compete in the case of an emergency.) The team shall designate one member to serve as team captain. Students may combine from different schools to participate in a church or organization team. Your team must be registered and approved by the registration deadline April 1st, 2019

Competition rounds:

a. First two rounds – 50 toss-up questions – 5 bonus questions
b. Semi-final round – 55 toss-up questions – 6 bonus questions
c. Final round – 60 toss-up questions – 6 bonus questions team member buzzing in and attempting to answer the question must be acknowledged by the moderator before attempting to answer the question; otherwise, the question will be passed to the opposing team for an answer.

The Moderator will stop reading the question when a team member has been acknowledged. The team member has up to five seconds to answer the question without conferring. Any team member may respond to a toss-up question, yet only one person can speak at a time. No conferring is allowed by team members on toss-up questions. If an incorrect answer is given, then the moderator will request responses from the other team. Any member of the other team has five seconds to respond. It is advantageous for the eligible team to allow the moderator to repeat the question in its entirety before answering the question. No points will be awarded for an incorrect answer.

A correct toss-up answer yields five (5) points.

Correct Bonus Question answer awards either

a. Ten (10) points in first two rounds
b. Fifteen (15) points in the semi-final round;
c. Twenty-Five (25) points in the final round.

After 10 toss-up questions are asked, one bonus question will be asked which either team is eligible to answer. The last question will always be a Bonus Question. Either team can answer the question, but the team who is first to buzz in and be acknowledged will be given the opportunity to answer. Teams can confer with each other for 15 seconds.

The opposing team will have a chance at answering the bonus question only if the first team did not let the moderator finish the question before answering. Thus, when the moderator finishes asking the question, only one team has the chance to answer the question. Points cannot be broken up.

After a Bonus question is asked, the moderator will go back to toss-up format for 10 more questions. The last question of the game will be a bonus question. Therefore, six (6) bonus questions will be asked in the final round.

Outside interference by non-members, guests, parents, coaches, or teachers can and will result in team disqualification. Verbal or unsolicited abuse to create disruption in the game will result in removal of said parties and/or disqualification of a team. Judge(s) will have the final ruling on the matter. Any issue in dispute will be handled during the round or after the competition and must be in writing, and given to the judge(s). The moderator and the judge(s) will review for correctness.

A team may elect to call one time out during each round. The captain must request the time out from the moderator before any changes are permitted or corrected. There will be no stoppage of the game for clarification from or for the audience.

* NOTE: in the final round points will be deducted for an incorrect response to a question.