2020 African American History Bowl


Staurday, February 29th, 2020

University of California Riverside (UCR) - INTS Bldg. - Room 1002

8:00am to 2:00

Welcome to the 2020 Academic Bowl Hosted by UC Riverside and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc – Pi Rho Chapter.


Our theme this year is “And Still We Rise!” in honor of our elder Maya Angelou.

In 1619, 20 plus Angolans came off Portuguese ships as indentured servants, documenting European involvement of bringing Africans to the western world. Through the struggle, our elders formed churches, organizations, schools, and banks lifting us from poverty and misery to inventors, states people, and even astronauts: Thus: “From Slave Ships, to Scholarships, to Spaceships…& Still We Rise!” is our anthem for our Knowledge Bowl!

A team shall consist of a minimum of two players and a maximum of five, with one as the alternate. (Alternate will only compete in the case of an emergency.) The team shall designate one member to serve as team captain. Students may combine from different schools to participate in a church or organization team. Your team must be registered and approved by the registration deadline 12/31/2019

Competition rounds:  Block out Buzzers will be used each round!

  1. First two rounds – 35 toss-up questions –2 being bonus questions
  2. Semi-final round – 35 toss-up questions – 2 being bonus questions
  3. Final round – 70 toss-up questions – 4 bonus questions team member buzzing in and attempting to answer the question must be acknowledged by the moderator before attempting to answer the question; otherwise, the question will be passed to the opposing team for an answer. You may lose points for a wrong answer in this round.

The GAME: The Moderator will read the WHOLE QUESTION.  The team member MUST be acknowledged before answering the question.  The team member has up to three seconds to answer the question without conferring. Any team member may respond to a toss-up question, yet, only one person can speak at a time. No conferring is allowed by team members on toss-up questions. If an incorrect answer is given, the moderator will request responses from the other team. Any member of the other team has 3 seconds to respond, be acknowledged, and answer. No points will be awarded for an incorrect answer.

A correct toss-up answer yield five (5 to 25) points.

Correct Bonus Question answer awards either:

  1. double of the point value and never over 50 points. (5 to 10, 15 to 30).
  2. In Final round: teams can only bet the amount of money on hand over $50. (5 pts or all or nothing.)

35 toss-up questions are asked, 2 will bonus questions.  Teams can confer with each other for 15 seconds on the BONUS Question.  Only one person from the team answers the QUESTION!


Outside interference by non-members, guests, parents, coaches, or teachers can and will result in team disqualification. Verbal or unsolicited abuse to create disruption in the game will result in removal of said parties and/or disqualification of a team. Judge(s) will have the final ruling on the matter. Any issue in dispute will be handled during the round or after the competition and must be in writing and given to the judge(s). The moderator and the judge(s) will review for correctness.

A team may elect to call one time out during each round. The captain must request the time out from the moderator before any changes are permitted or corrected. There will be no stoppage of the game for clarification “from or for,” the audience.

To Start the Game:

7 categories (you will need to find information from the 10 subjects below).

5 rows: points accumulate (5, 10, 15, 20, 25) Plus 2- Bonus Boxes per round.

Bonus points can not be over 50 pts: Cannot be more than double the value.

You will be given a list of Information to study.  Only from this Information will questions be derived!  The information to study will come on JANUARY 1st, 2020.  Giving each team the same amount of time to study.  Some of the information you can begin casually while forming your team.  These are the ten subjects Questions will come from:

  1. Inland Empire Black History
  2. HBCU's
  3. Black Women Inventors
  4. Chemistry
  5. Tuskegee Airman
  6. Black Writers
  7. African American First
  8. African States
  9. California Black Legislators
  10. Blacks in Sports

Please use this Link As an example of how the round is played: https://jeopardylabs.com/play/bsu-jeopardy-47

  • 1st African American City Councilman in Riverside,Answer: Jack Clarke Sr. (1)
  • Half the women coming from science fields are from two HBCU's, Name them?Answer: Bennett & Spelman (2)
  • 1st African American Fire Chief in the City of Riverside?Answer: Micheal Moore (7)
  • Executive Director Fair Housing Council: Answer: Rose Mays (1)
  • Alabama, University, Red tails, Pilots:  Who Am I? Answer: Tuskegee Airman (5)
  • Only West Coast HBCU in California?Answer:  Charles Drew Medical School (2)
  • The Atlantic, reparations, Between The World & Me: Name the Writer?Answer: Ta Nehisi Coates (6)
  • 1 of 3 AA Female Division 1 Athletic Directors in the Nation here at UCR, Name her?Answer: Tamica Smith Jones (10)
  • African American female running for president from California in 2020: Answer: Kamala Harris (9)
  • Teacher, Administrator, now Superintendent of Riverside County Schools: Who Am I?Answer: Judy White (7)
  • planter, inventor, blue ink from a peanut, lost mother to slave catchers:Answer: George Washington Carver (2)
  • I know why the cage bird sings!Who wrote this book? Answer: Maya Angelou (6)
  • Who is revered for the number #42, and what team did he play for? Answer: Jackie Robinson, Dodgers (Brooklyn or LA) (10)
  • Closest African State to USA? Answer: Senegal (8)